@clacke Thanks for the show. Your examples 6 and 7 contain: printf '%sn'. I assume you meant: printf '%s\n' (backslash n in case anything gets stripped by Mastodon). Shall I adjust it accordingly?

Aargh! Thank you for noticing. I will try to find were in my process the backslash was stripped.
@perloid Hm. My HTML source that I presumably posted has the backslash. But surely the HPR form and process can't be eating it? People must be posting bash source with backslashes in it all the time?

@clacke I think you are right, it's the form - or more likely something behind the form that's sanitising the HTML. I haven't noticed this here before, probably because people don't sent in much HTML. Much of it is plain text or a Markdown variant which I process for them.

@perloid Is the HPR source code up somewhere? I could have a look.

@clacke I have access and have had a look. It's PHP and I think it's the use of 'stripslashes' on the form contents. Of course, this function strips backslashes! I imagine the goal originally was to de-quote stuff that's on its way to the database, but the form data gets dropped into a file - which I post-process.

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