Used the bash 4.4 feature of "Parameter transformation", specifically ${*@Q}, to remove the execline dependency from my nix-environment script and make nix-environment --pure possible:…

Documented in the bash manual as "${parameter@operator}" under….

I hate that I have to rely on quoting, but if you're going to quote, using bash's own quoting is the safest place to be, and for the things I'm using this for, it's not a security issue. I basically just want to make sure I can send parameters with spaces and quotes in them.
@perloid Is this an #HPREp, or have you already covered this new (bash 4.4, 2016) feature?

@clacke I saw this on my last visit to this aspect of Bash but held off talking about it (I'm always worried about driving away my audience).
Feel free to do a show on it if you would like.

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