The accent and register continuum in the UK is smoothing out in a big way. Maps comparing 1950s dialect England with 2010s dialect UK:…

Professor David Britain from the University of Bern added: “People in Bristol speak much more similarly to those in Colchester now than they did fifty years ago. Regional differences are disappearing, some quite quickly. However, while many pockets of resistance to this levelling are shrinking, there is still a stark north-south divide in the pronunciation of certain key words.”

@clacke Quite sad I think. My parents moved from the London area to Norwich in 1956 or so and as a child I was shocked at how different the accents were between the two places. The Norfolk accent was impenetrable to my young ears with its weird words like "frawn" for cold (Norman French I think), and weird ways of speaking. Now it's pretty much a continuum from London outwards, and all those rich accents have largely gone.

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