stuffing my phone with GWO, SGU, HPR, TuxJam and Inquiring Minds the minutes before takeoff

@clacke Have a good journey.
I've been browsing the FOSDEM videos today from the Minimalistic Languages Devroom. Your talk was interesting, though a large proportion of it was over my head. Nicely done though!
Watched the Perl 6 talk and the Tcl one so far.

@perloid I tried to say too much in too short time, and in particular without very good visual aids. Nobody is to blame but me and my procrastination.

The FBP episode I've been owing HPR for months will improve on all of this!

In particular, for the shownotes, I need to bring in the textual FBP format, which is actually pretty good and a helpful read, and also some boxes-and-arrows renderings of the graphs.

The Fractalide syntax for the graph won't feature at all, as the talk was mostly about Fractalide but the episode will be all about FBP.

@clacke Looking forward to hearing more on 👍

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