stuffing my phone with GWO, SGU, HPR, TuxJam and Inquiring Minds the minutes before takeoff

@clacke Have a good journey.
I've been browsing the FOSDEM videos today from the Minimalistic Languages Devroom. Your talk was interesting, though a large proportion of it was over my head. Nicely done though!
Watched the Perl 6 talk and the Tcl one so far.

@perloid I tried to say too much in too short time, and in particular without very good visual aids. Nobody is to blame but me and my procrastination.

The FBP episode I've been owing HPR for months will improve on all of this!

In particular, for the shownotes, I need to bring in the textual FBP format, which is actually pretty good and a helpful read, and also some boxes-and-arrows renderings of the graphs.

The Fractalide syntax for the graph won't feature at all, as the talk was mostly about Fractalide but the episode will be all about FBP.

I was a bit awkward with the placement of the screen and the designated speaker area. I kept wanting to step up to the screen and point at it with my hands, which is what I did in the previous iteration, more like a whiteboard presentation, but then I would have walked off-screen and either way I would have needed a teacher's pointing stick or laser pointer to even reach the relevant parts of the slides, because the projection was so large and so high up.

Anyway, I'm glad I did it. It was very educational for me, both preparing and giving the presentation -- my ideas around #flowglue basically come from me thinking about this presentation -- and it got a few people interested.

@clacke Having watched several videos from the same room it struck me that many people had the same problems. Also, as an aside, the camera or production work was often poor in the way the videos swapped between slides and presenter. You saw the presenter when you really wanted to read the slides in detail. Also many were caught by the shortness of the time slot.

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@perloid I was pretty worried about the time, as I hadn't rehearsed it and the previous iteration was more like 45 minutes, but I was happy to see that I had managed to go through the points at a pretty brisk pace and had time for questions at the end. Maybe the simple act of putting questions at the end helped too.

@clacke It certainly seemed well paced to me, and with questions at the end it fit the time well. Other presentations I watched over-ran quite a bit. I think I got the flavour of what you're doing and am intrigued to know more.

@perloid It seemed well-paced to me too when watching it after the fact. I'm just saying that as the performer I happen to know that this was mostly down to dumb luck. πŸ˜€

@clacke If it was me I'd probably try and convince myself it was skill rather than luck πŸ˜‰

@perloid I will take the success as input to achieve it on purpose next time. Not only failures are teaching moments!
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