Amazing how boring things get when the power goes out. It's been about 2hrs now.

Then I remembered a short wave radio I have. At least I have some classical music now.

The in-flight entertainment malfunctioned briefly at the start of our flight, so I finally got started on reading "The Demon-Haunted World".

But then it started working, so it was all Marvel most of the trip.

@clacke I hope your talk goes well πŸ‘

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@perloid It's up to me to make it good and make it go well. I appreciate the moral support!
@perloid Reviewing the video today. Then I'll find out. In the moment it felt so-so, but it got some people interested and gave rise to some very good questions.

@clacke Those are the criteria of success in my book. Maybe not world-shaking success but a positive outcome nonetheless. πŸ‘
I couldn't watch live (though the feeds are good this year) but I'll have a look once it's on the server.

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