Or science in a slightly larger context:



Why is the mouse next to the human? It's an extract from a tree of only 3000 species. The human represents the euarchonta->primatomorpha->primates branch of en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Euarchon… and the mouse represents the gliriformes->glires->rodentia branch.

That's why mice make pretty good test subjects, as they're only about 90 million years separated from us.

The zoomed out tree: www.zo.utexas.edu/faculty/anti…

@clacke As a Biology undergrad in the early 1970's a lot of dendrograms (mainly Botanical) were being printed on the main university graph plotter (I think generated by FORTRAN programs). The world has changed a lot since then.

These are magnificent!

@perloid I'm just about old enough to have seen an actual plotter.

@clacke I wish they were still around, they were so cool. Not fun to maintain though, and hell to run in a multi-user environment. I wrote some interface stuff for a Calcomp plotter on the university VAXcluster where I worked in the 1980's. It had to take stuff off a print queue, print a user banner on the plotter before running the plot. So many times the plot went backwards over the paper and wrote all over the last user's stuff - until we mastered the management of it.

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