@NYbill By the way, I was just listening to your HPR show 2694. It got me to try "Bandit" from Wow is this addictive!

I blame you 😉

Thanks though...

@NYbill I'm at 13, but have had to stop otherwise nothing gets done today!

@perloid BTW I mentioned I remembered how to do 26. But, they've changed it a bit now. What I did before was only 1/2 of it. So, I got a nice challange there again.

@NYbill It's a great brain-teaser, and most enjoyable. I'm logging my progress on my local private (backed up) Mediawiki instance bearing in mind your experience of losing your text file!

@perloid @NYbill I started a little bit, too. However as always I' m less organized than you guys. At one point I failed and of course didn't save any of the previous passwords.... So it's back to sqare 0.

@beni @NYbill At least next time round you can zoom through much faster!
I'm an inveterate note-taker so I have to record stuff I do. It's useful because I have a terrible memory.
Also, I learn more about how to use Wikitext every time I add to my Wiki.

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