Second night in Budapest. Tomorrow a meeting with @chalkahlom is on the schedule. Another one of the old days I finally get to meet in person.

@beni @chalkahlom
Belated best wishes to yourself and @chalkahlom. Hope you guys managed to meet up!

@perloid @chalkahlom Yes, we had a great evening with interesting, nerdy chats ;)

@beni @chalkahlom Excellent! If I'd known earlier I'd have suggested an HPR show about it, but I missed the opportunity ;-)

@perloid @beni it was great to meet up. We had a great chat, along with something to eat and drink... Not very often some of the fediverse old-timers visit Budapest.

@chalkahlom @beni That's wonderful. Sounds like a momentous meeting.

Sadly there wasn't crowds of well wishers, and rapturous applause from on lookers. But it was a great chat... ;-)
If @beni had of stayed here any longer I could have roped him in to doing some autumn garden work...!

@chalkahlom @beni Surprising really. To many that'd be an attractive prospect 😉

@chalkahlom He can return at late winter for his duty. /cc @beni

@chalkahlom @perloid I'm glad to be back now where my own garden needs some attention..

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