Tune in :: ) streaming my weekly dj show in 20min --- 8PM central / 01:00 UTC --- Myocyte --- on aNONradio.net/ and tilderadio.org/

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@peef #nostalgia #win95 #crackCD #90s hahaha say hello to Snake Pliskin and Rowdy Roddy Piper 🤪🤪 LOL

... so this is just a list of programs that are included in the crack CD... some i wroote the serial numbers ... most likely Snake Pliskin gave them to me verbally to write down 🤪 LOL this is hilarious 🤣

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@claudiom @snowdusk_ @failtime my existing com session works but the latency is high :B

@snowdusk_ Tonight on Mycotye is i t a l o & adjacent territories in 20min :)

"Exiting Modernity" by Meta-Nomad available as pdf, or to read online.


@maeby I haven't seen that specifically, but its possible. here's an overwhelming link that may not help instances.social/list/advanced

we could search for or make a hashtag for surfing posts

@ella_kane@hackers.town thanks for the awesome event :)

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