i think its very important that we make a physical implementation of winamp

@peef @xj9 Would buy. Haptic feedback is important

@minus @peef @xj9

I want the buttons to click down and stay down like the transport buttons on a 1980s tape player.

@peef @xj9

I've wanted to 3D print winamp/soundjam skins for years now

Image caption: 3D renderings of the Winamp™ app, but made to look like they're actually a physical music player, with earphones and everything. It can also be unfolded into 3 screens showing the graphic equalizer and the scrollable playlist.

@rick_777 @peef @xj9
I have a feeling the final product (if made) would have to be a bit thicker to allow for battery cells.
Still, it looks awesome, and if it would be affordable and has a decent battery life, I would definitely like one.

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