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Experts are stunned by this unexpected discovery: quantity no substitute for quality

Try my new app, Madhaus. It's a combination of Slack, podcasts, Uber, and hockey sticks on a self-driving quantum AI-powered social cloud blockchain. Invitations may be obtained as exclusively-traded NFTs.

Ppl seem all too willing to give away their most precious resource—their time—in exchange for the dubious promise of something by seeking new social media (latest is Clubhouse), more collaboration, community, communication, etc. Am I crazy for wanting less, not more, of all that?

If you are developing ML/AI algorithms & solutions for HR, or more generally in areas that decide people's fate in non-trivial ways, please stop. If you won't, at least don't delude yourself into believing you're doing something good.

How I use my streaming accounts:

1) turn on the telly once a month & browse for 20 mins
2) be horrified by the thought of persisting through hours of video when if absolutely necessary I could read the synopsis in 5 mins
3) give up

Rutherford's famous statement on parsimony, 'we didn't have the money, so we had to think', is the anti-thesis to the modern day mindset of cheap money and free resources that has plagued our societies, economies, and environment.

Can't quite decide whether the decision to suffix Covid by 19 was naively short-sighted or the very opposite.

New quick meal: skyr (it's like a low-fat greek yoghurt) with finely chopped cooked spinach & fresh garlic

Hot take: there is as much engineering in 'software engineering' as there is science in social sciences.

There are, fundamentally, two approaches to economics and business:

Do more with less, and do less with more.

In our age of 'growth mindsets' and the plenty, the latter is far more common.

Hey Google, tell me the name of the volcano soon to erupt in Iceland.


alt text: Google Translate translating 'Sundhnjúkagígaröð in Þráinsskjaldarhraun' to 'Sundhyndgaggagggagggagggggaggggggagargargar'

Life is so fragile. It's there one moment, gone the next. Yet it's so easy to forget.

When you need to change your name to be compatible with modern software standards:

Celebrities come in all shapes & forms (business, tech, entertainment, politics, science, ...). In our fame-obsessed times, it's increasingly important to be conscious of the fact that people can be good at some things & terrible at others

My very naive theory of why inventing tonnes of money out of thin air doesn't lead to inflation: excess money goes into made-up stuff like tech stocks & BTC, which inflate & balance an imaginary equation while milk & eggs stay the same.

Sample program in LOLCODE.

‘AWSUM THX’: I love it so much.

Image description (alt text):



Sometimes the only real path to anti-fragility is Darwinism.

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