The problem with the Fediverse is that, by design, it lacks the concentration of money and power to fight the Corporate, and if it ever did obtain it, it would be or become evil too.

It's silly or dishonest to expect or pretend there can be substantive change in outcomes without changing what we do. The greater the need for change, the greater also is the need for action, and the cost. We can't keep consuming junk and depending on Ponzi growth schemes and magicaly erase their environmental impact at no inconvenience to us.

There are things that sound good, or reasonable, and things that are true. There is a much bigger market for the first than the second.

There are two ways to organise a company: base incentives on an external frame of reference (focus on customers) or on an internal one (focus on politics)

It's possible to be both pragmatic and visionary but it's common to be neither.

working in chaos is like building on water: high in effort, low in outcome, and with learnings largely limited to keeping one's head above water.

The first ping, email, telnet, or finger must have felt like making contact with aliens. It did to me any way.

We have come a long way since then. To continue with the analogy, itโ€™s as if aliens were projecting ads on the skies 24x7 while suffocating us with their rocket fumes.

is my backup OS for when mainstream operating systems and cloud architectures finally collapse under the weight of their own complexity

I have belatedly realised that I don't need to have an opinion on every trending topic, or an answer to every outrageous statement. It's quite liberating.

Time is our most precious finite resource, yet we tend to give it away too freely in exchange for hypothetical gains (or not even that).

I no longer seem to understand how there can be joy in mathematical proofs. The need for proof is but a blatant sign of imperfection. To a perfect being, all that is true is self-evident.

Crossing my living room--where I set up my WFH station--on a day off feels like dropping by at the office.

(I acknowledge the luxury of not having had to set it up in my bedroom, and of having work I can do remotely at a time like this.)

I took a week off. I'm sitting in the shade, a novel in hand, drinking coffee, enjoying my lazy Sunday morning. Until a quick glance at my phone tells me it's Wednesday. The cognitive dissonance makes me nervous.

I won't dignify as an adversary anyone or anything below Causality itself.

Anyone know how to cancel this so-called 'causality' add-on that's installed on my reality?

Having given it much thought, here is my full statement on recent affairs:


So much time spent on collaboration there is none left to get any work done

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