i manage for the most part to live a serene cookie- and javascript- (and as much as i can, web-) free life. but once in a while i have to face the ever more excrutiating suffering that is online shopping. why does what passes as progress have such a strong tendency to make things worse?

Thinking of adding some variety to my usual 'best wishes' email closing: so-so wishes, better than average wishes, adequate wishes, etc.

so much noise, so little doing, and even less of anything of consequence

The great lesson of the pandemic is that being normal is a form of insanity.

wrote a small shell script that serves as a proof-of-concept mastodon client: hg.sr.ht/~pdt/util/browse/bin/

@SDF btw the absence of this standard endpoint breaks madonctl, which used to work before

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tiny shell script to manage philips hue lights from the command line (needs curl and jq): hg.sr.ht/~pdt/util/browse/bin/

There is always a better UI choice than drop-down menus.

« Plus ça change, plus c'est la même chose. »

Over time, there is a tendency to go from 'doing things' to 'collecting things' by way of 'doing something'.

The problem with the Fediverse is that, by design, it lacks the concentration of money and power to fight the Corporate, and if it ever did obtain it, it would be or become evil too.

It's silly or dishonest to expect or pretend there can be substantive change in outcomes without changing what we do. The greater the need for change, the greater also is the need for action, and the cost. We can't keep consuming junk and depending on Ponzi growth schemes and magicaly erase their environmental impact at no inconvenience to us.

There are things that sound good, or reasonable, and things that are true. There is a much bigger market for the first than the second.

There are two ways to organise a company: base incentives on an external frame of reference (focus on customers) or on an internal one (focus on politics)

It's possible to be both pragmatic and visionary but it's common to be neither.

working in chaos is like building on water: high in effort, low in outcome, and with learnings largely limited to keeping one's head above water.

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