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That's a promising start. Now I have to format the 20GB partition I set defined on the SCSI2SD, install Workbench 3.2, and start restoring and installing stuff.

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That's better. Wire back in place on the VXL32 RAM board, VXLRAM board connected back to the VXL30. KS3.2 in place. Time to put the drive cage and power supply back in place, and put the cover on.

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Doing some work on the Amiga 2000. Installing a KS3.2 chip, and in the process, repairing a crappily soldered wire on the back of the VXL RAM32 board that came off.

On Windows this goes into the user's appdata/Roaming/Mozilla/Profiles/"profile name" directory

This is probably only useful if you have to do it on a mass scale (otherwise, just use the UI). It's going to be a huge timesaver for me, and hopefully a few others though.

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Knowing that, and tracking down the relevant config entries, I created a "user.js" file with the following content and pushed it into the Firefox profile directory for the target (in this case public) user, and it turned the settings off for them without having to mess with the UI at all.

I will be blasting this user.js file out to all of our public desktops later today.

You're not supposed to edit prefs.js itself, but you can create a "user.js" file with exceptions that you want and put it in the same profile directory, and Firefox will give those exceptions priority and honor them...

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If you manage a bunch of public desktops in a school or library setting like I do, and you have Firefox available as a browser choice (as I also do) for public use, You may be looking for an easy way to programmatically revert/disable the recent Firefox changes that cause ads to be displayed in the address bar by default.

With some digging I've figured it out.

These settings, along with others are controlled by a file named, "prefs.js" in the active user's profile directory, here..

I just ordered a 576 NUC+ from the Brewing Academy.

This should nicely fill the gap of the MiSTer FPGA Atari 8 bit core not having serial/modem support, among many other things. Also, I love supporting things like this.

This 3D printed grip makes the Anbernic RG351M a whole lot easier to hold for any length of time!

Upgrading 21.04 on this older Dell laptop specifically to get a version of OBS new enough to support the virtual camera plugin (26.x). There are a couple of ways to get there, but since this Lattitude is basically a apare / backup, this is an easy way to do it


The only real downside of the VidHD that I've experienced so far is that the FloppyEmu attached to the IIe shows an error on power up, as seen here.

At first I thought that there was a conflict with the floppy controller, but it appears to be a timing issue that's easy to work around.

If I power cycle the FloppyEmu after the IIe is up, it becomes available again with no error, and I can reboot the IIe and boot from it, as long as I don't power cycle everything.

VidHD up and running!
The picture looks amazing displayed on this KYY HDMI panel. No noticeable lag, either.

One of the best things about this card is that it's a completely separate digital display system, getting it's data directly from memory. The original analog display circuit is still fully active while this is attached and running. The Apple green composite monitor can be used at the same time and is none the wiser.

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Something red, something blue. Something old, something new.

BBSing on the Atari 800 while watching the Twitter stream on an M1-based iPad pro.

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