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Well, -this- would have been nice to have yesterday! (I was tracking down problem control characters on a BBS login screen)

Curses-based hex editor.
Seems to be installable from most default repos.

Chester is coming along nicely and has adapted to his new environment here really well.
He was walking by and jumped up here himself with no prompting.

BBSing on the TRS-80 Model 100 tonight, just because.

I made a cable that powers the wifi modem off of the model 100's batteries via the barcode reader port. I'm not using it to read many barcodes these days anyway.

There were later models that had better screens, touch screens and better batteries, but the fact that this used common AA batteries means that while the battery life was somewhat limited in one context, because you can just quickly swap the batteries out, the battery life is effectively unlimited, as long as you have AAs around.

Also, with this setup, you'll never have to worry about a custom battery failing that's a PITA, or nearly impossible to replace.

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One of my favorite handheld game systems of all time, the GP2X F100.

It's not just great because it's really good at emulating early systems (which it is), but because of the great, original homebrew stuff that came out for it. Many of these games are -really good!

I just put this little TV together.
It's seen here sitting on an Intellivision controller, next to my TI99/4A and C64 Ultimate for a sense of scale.

It is one of the coolest things I've come into contact with, much less owned. It has full sound and a tiny working IR remote, and can play 5 hours of video from an 8GB SD card.

It is truly stunning!

That is an -insane- amount of money for such a frivolous thing, and yet..I must have one!

I really like these simple RetroFrog cases/covers for the MiSTer FPGA. They are cheap and work well in pretty much any configuration. I bought several different covered panels so that I can switch them around at will. They're currently $12 a set.

MiSTer #2 has been assembled. Still more parts to come next week, but it should be fully functional already.

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This short episode of the InverseATASCII audio podcast is a really great explanation and description of modern tcp/telnet BBSing.

It's mostly told from an 8 bit Atari user's perspective, but the info is interesting and applicable even if you don't currently have a retro computer at all, and just want to understand and even experience BBSing for yourself using freely available software like Altera or Syncterm.

Very well done, IMO.

Time to start building a second MiSTer. This one will have more emphasis on being portable/mobile.

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