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That is an -insane- amount of money for such a frivolous thing, and yet..I must have one!

I really like these simple RetroFrog cases/covers for the MiSTer FPGA. They are cheap and work well in pretty much any configuration. I bought several different covered panels so that I can switch them around at will. They're currently $12 a set.

MiSTer #2 has been assembled. Still more parts to come next week, but it should be fully functional already.

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This short episode of the InverseATASCII audio podcast is a really great explanation and description of modern tcp/telnet BBSing.

It's mostly told from an 8 bit Atari user's perspective, but the info is interesting and applicable even if you don't currently have a retro computer at all, and just want to understand and even experience BBSing for yourself using freely available software like Altera or Syncterm.

Very well done, IMO.

Time to start building a second MiSTer. This one will have more emphasis on being portable/mobile.

The new library branch I'm helping set up has what I like to call, "The Paradroid 90 wall"...

I may go across town and see if Microcenter has some of these things that I can go look at in person. Sometimes there's really no substitute for physically holding a thing to tell if it's going to work.

Switching things up tonight and doing some BBSing in BASIC on the Retromax.

This thing does everything in interpreted BASIC, and it is FAST. In fact, according to it's bulleted feature list,it executes MM BASIC code at 270,000 lines per second!

I don't know about all that, but it sure is fun to use. I've made two modifications to the BASIC code of the terminal program tonight, just to add features. It's satisfying in a way that modern computers seldom are these days.

Getting ready to start the BBS rounds for tonight.
It's important to properly set the stage.

Pimeroni PicoDisplay hooked up to a Raspberry Pi Pico. It's seen here running some of the Python demo code from Pimeroni's site.

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