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After getting it repaired and put back together, I took it back out to the tree and crimped it in place.

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Since the socket was bitten off completely flush (I wish I had a picture of that..but I don't), I had to take the socket completely apart and rebuild it. It was very similar to the technique I used to repair the key switches on my Apple IIe a couple of years ago...

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Today's random squirrel Christmas light damage on one of our trees, without taking the lights down first.

A squirrel bit off one of the light sockets flush with the socket. I found the light and socket on the ground...

Finally got the modern Centuriontech power supply installed in the Atari Mega ST2 tonight.

Really, there's not much building to this particular version, as the board is mostly assembled. Just need to mount it in a case and add the optional ESP8266 and a few other things...

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Thanks to this post by @EdS , I just requested a Color Maximite 2 kit for Christmas.(CircuitGizmos version)...

Looking forward to to building and playing with it!

New kit to start putting together today.

I've always wanted to fool around with generic CP/M.

Broke a million points last night in an impromptu Asteriods II session in-between calling BBSs.

I've been playing this since the late 1980s on this Amiga 2000. Still love this game!

I've been playing Digger III on the MiSTer CoCo3 core today. It's a -really good- modern Lode Runner re-make/homage made for the CoCo3. It would be selling it short to call it a "clone". In many ways, I like it better than most Lode Runner versions I've played.

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