@48kRAM I don't miss apartment life at all. Having a supposedly dedicated parking space just made it 10x worse when some asshole flippantly parked in it.

@publius Yes. It's not the most compelling thing, but what it did (mostly augment imagination), it still does.

This is my handheld Coleco Electronic Quarterback football game, bought new from the store in the 1970s.

This is not a replica, and it 100% works fine.

@robdaemon Sounds like a modern version of "blockbusting" that was rampant in the 60s and 70s here.
Realtors, etc used to do it by phone, which I think is mostly illegal now, but no such restrictions on BS websites, and even if there were/are they'd be easy to weasel around.

Realtors/investors will say or do just about anything to get ahold of all the property they can right now. I literally don't even answer my phone anymore and heavily filter my inbound texts.

Yes.definitely. It's a relatively simple board.

@robdaemon @ne1for23 @HunterZ I don't think so. There's a chip up the line from the power supply that's been replaced by someone. I don't think that they put the right one in there. The voltage seems OK, if I remember right. It's just drawing way too much current.
It's another "someday" project.

@robdaemon @ne1for23 @HunterZ Actually, the problem with the MPES isn't with the rectifier diodes themselves, but something up the line that's causing them to draw too much current and overheat..like to the point where they smoke.

@robdaemon @ne1for23 @HunterZ Yeah..and that's the thing. It's kind of like, use this, or use everything else.
It's not very practical, but I think it's relatively rare. I got it through someone I know that used to work at Gateway Electronics.

@robdaemon @ne1for23 @HunterZ I have a standalone Tipi.

I also have this...It's a Myarc MPES/50 with two floppies and 32K RAM. It _mostly_ works. Passes tests, loads and saves, but it has a problem with the power diodes on the board overheating within a couple of minutes.
It needs work.

@robdaemon @ne1for23 @HunterZ I think that they are.

I've had a few chances to get a PEB recently. I would have done almost anything to get one back in the day, but I have no need or room for one now.

It's one of the few things that would actually take up more room than my Amiga 2000.

@ne1for23 @robdaemon @HunterZ I paid $25 for it new, in the box. The box has a $50 rebate sticker on it (which they unsurprisingly didn't honor).

@ne1for23 @robdaemon @HunterZ This variant definitely isn't as popular as the back & silver, but I've never felt disappointed that I wound up with this version.

@ne1for23 @robdaemon @HunterZ This one was literally the last one left in St. Louis, as far as I could find. It was the last one K-mart had in stock when they were discontinued.

I literally had a standoff with a K-mart employee that tried to intercept it when I tried to buy it.

I won that battle.

@HunterZ @robdaemon @ne1for23 It's a cost cutting version that came out shortly before the TI99/4A was discontinued. This one runs everything just fine, exactly like the black & silver version. The case is just different.

There is another variant of the tan-colored one that has DRM that keeps if from running most non-TI software.

@robdaemon @ne1for23 The case might be a little thicker, but it seems that it should be close.

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