@grammargirl A better comparison might be, "In a TV show" and "In a Movie".
Also, "On TV" and "On the movie screen" (or "On the big screen").
It makes more sense that way.

The only real downside of the VidHD that I've experienced so far is that the FloppyEmu attached to the IIe shows an error on power up, as seen here.

At first I thought that there was a conflict with the floppy controller, but it appears to be a timing issue that's easy to work around.

If I power cycle the FloppyEmu after the IIe is up, it becomes available again with no error, and I can reboot the IIe and boot from it, as long as I don't power cycle everything.

VidHD up and running!
The picture looks amazing displayed on this KYY HDMI panel. No noticeable lag, either.

One of the best things about this card is that it's a completely separate digital display system, getting it's data directly from memory. The original analog display circuit is still fully active while this is attached and running. The Apple green composite monitor can be used at the same time and is none the wiser.

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@robdaemon I'm pretty sure I'm not going to have that problem with this one. Plus, it runs in parallel with whatever analog video out the IIe has, so I can keep using my green mono 80 column monitor too.

@hackernews The only thing I ever type into the "run dialog" is "cmd", where I run my actual command.

I've been doing this since the Windows 95 days, because the run box there used to save whatever you type in a history that was hard to get rid of, and I've been setting up computers for public use for a very long time.

@Retrograde Ah..that makes sense. I've never seen a European one. Then again I've never looked for one or paid attention, either.

@Retrograde I don't think that those are really that hard to find.
They are even pretty common (and cheap) on Ebay right now.



@mike I guarantee that they knew that it was going to be that way when they made the deal for "copies sold", too.

Microsoft of that era was always up to something like that.

@ChiaChatter No problem.
That particular BBS can get pretty busy. If you try to connect and it says it's busy, just keep trying every so often and you will get connected.

@ChiaChatter You don't have to be. You also don't need any special hardware or software (though it's more fun if you have retro hardware). Look here...

@ChiaChatter BBSs are still very much alive. You just have to know where to look.

@mike I actually have an XM301..I just no longer have a legacy phone line to run it on.

@mike Thanks.
On this particular 800 with this particular Fujinet, no. But on many of my modem emulators you can. Even if it's only a digitized simulation.

@mike Somewhere, at some point in history, it's quite possible, however unlikely, that there was someone that actually paid for Internet Explorer. I mean not as part of a Windows purchase.

Something red, something blue. Something old, something new.

BBSing on the Atari 800 while watching the Twitter stream on an M1-based iPad pro.

@EdS Most of the ones you mention were on Randy Kindig's tables. His collection seems to have increased quite a bit in the last couple of years.

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