@Alexis_Krier How long was this session? I don't know. Time becomes a blur when I'm playing a game like this. I didn't think to time it.

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In case anyone's wondering, the curtain is blowing because there's a vent right there that's blasting heat..there's not a bad window draft there.

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It's 7F (-13.8C) outside here right now, and it's going down from there.

Snow is supposed to start back up in a couple of hours.

It is a day of indoor activities today.

Had a particularly good Asteriods II session last night. 1,764,900, level 19. My personal best ever, by a fair margin!

This with one of my cats walking all over me and yelling at me for half of the time.

Bringing some new ambient lighting online.
Firing up the Pixelblaze.

---Needless to say, library administration (and branch staff) are pleased with this change.

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Until recently, the local server used polling to go check for print jobs about every 10-15 minutes. This really could cause long delays in jobs being available. Printeron finally relaced the polling with a push-type setup, where the local server has an active TCP connection into the back-end PrinterOn server, and when a job comes in, a notification immediately gets pushed to the local server, and it pulls the job down.
Turnarounds have gone from around 15 minutes (or more) to 20-45 seconds.

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Day job stuff...Upgrading several Envisionware print server /release stations this week and weekend.

The Envisionware-branded PrinterOn remote printing component had an upgrade recently that makes remote printing truly immediate. Like..you are in the process of setting your phone down from sending the print job, and it's available on the print server in a branch.

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