The only real downside of the VidHD that I've experienced so far is that the FloppyEmu attached to the IIe shows an error on power up, as seen here.

At first I thought that there was a conflict with the floppy controller, but it appears to be a timing issue that's easy to work around.

If I power cycle the FloppyEmu after the IIe is up, it becomes available again with no error, and I can reboot the IIe and boot from it, as long as I don't power cycle everything.

VidHD up and running!
The picture looks amazing displayed on this KYY HDMI panel. No noticeable lag, either.

One of the best things about this card is that it's a completely separate digital display system, getting it's data directly from memory. The original analog display circuit is still fully active while this is attached and running. The Apple green composite monitor can be used at the same time and is none the wiser.

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Something red, something blue. Something old, something new.

BBSing on the Atari 800 while watching the Twitter stream on an M1-based iPad pro.

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