Just did a Spacemonger disk space analysis on the SD card on one of my MiSTers to see where the space is getting used. AO486 takes up the most room (by far), which is funny, because I don't use it nearly as much as some of the others.

Did some work on the Mac Plus earlier today.
Transplanted the internals from a damaged and badly yellowed case into a fairly pristine one from a "dead" Plus that I picked up for a few bucks at VCFMW last fall.
Everything went fine. I still have a bit of monitor adjustment to do though.

Holy crap! Einhander actually seems to fully work on the MiSTer PSX core except for some background sounds.

I did not expect this.

Now I'm hitting the Atari 8 bitr BBSs...
Duran Duran "New Religion" blaring in the background...

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Looking around inside the M1299, it's a but dusty, but there are no signs of blown caps that are obvious. The smell is definitely there though.
I'll have to take it apart further later. I'm going to try to get a service manual first.

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In the process of re-building parity to a new 8TB parity drive on my Unraid server (up from 4TB).
Just the party disk is bigger than the whole array was when I started it many years ago.

The Apple M1299 RGB monitor that I have on my Mac II Si apparently blew a stinky power filter cap, so it looks like I'll be taking that apart soon.

Still seems to work fine, but the smell is pretty terrible, and I'm sure the cap insides that are probably all over the place inside the monitor aren't doing great things to the rest of the components in there.

I'm updating one of my critical Pis from "Stretch" to "Buster" in place.
It still amazes me that this is possible at all, but it is, these days, and I've done it multiple times,

Basically, these Wico Ergosticks are all micro switches with a stick that passes through the center of them, and acts as a fulcrum to selectively press them.
This particular Ergostick was a little too tight and occasionally had too much friction to return to center...

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Worked on one of my Wico Ergosticks that I'd picked up at VCF Midwest had a slight stick-sticking problem...

Bubba has given the cabinet a good once-over and certifies it as,"rat-free".

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