It's 7F (-13.8C) outside here right now, and it's going down from there.

Snow is supposed to start back up in a couple of hours.

It is a day of indoor activities today.

Had a particularly good Asteriods II session last night. 1,764,900, level 19. My personal best ever, by a fair margin!

This with one of my cats walking all over me and yelling at me for half of the time.

Bringing some new ambient lighting online.
Firing up the Pixelblaze.

Yeah, I'll admit that sometimes there's not a lot of substance in some of my posts, but visuals...

This one might be the most fun of all. Z80 CP/M running in a window at just over 18Mhz on Amiga Workbench.

Unfortunately, this one doesn't photograph as easily, but it's quite usable.

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This is what's doing the heavy lifting here, using a Raspberry Pi as intermediary...

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