This is my handheld Coleco Electronic Quarterback football game, bought new from the store in the 1970s.

This is not a replica, and it 100% works fine.

I finally got Amiga networking tunneling through the PiStorm's network connection this weekend, using the tun0 interface via iptables.

I'm using the Roadshow TCP/IP stack.
Once I got that going I was able to get IMP, iBrowse, and some other TCP/IP-based apps going.

My black and white cat Quax jumps on my chair every time I get up for a minute. He likes it down here. During the day when I'm "adulting" this is his domain.

t can't blame him...It IS a nice space to hang out in.

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I built a simple spinner control with a weighted button spinner and a project box, mostly to play Tempest. It'll work for anything that can use an x-axis only "mouse" as a control. The buttons map as left and right mouse button.

It connects via a single USB A connector cable.

Pretty much any OS sees it as a standard mouse.

Joe is visiting the downstairs computer area, or, "the Cave", as it's sometimes called.

Joe has words.


I'm familiar with a lot of different versions of the character, "The Flash" that I've seen over the years. Not with this one though.

The CIA Amiga BBS has some of the best looking and most functional ASCII/ANSI of any of the BBSs I frequent.

I miss Gateway Electronics. I got a lot of great stuff there.

I think that more than half of my retro computers are from there. They just had tons of cool stuff.

Sadly, they are no more.


Honestly, the most impressive part of this is that the TRS-80 actually comes up knowing the correct current date.

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