I built a simple spinner control with a weighted button spinner and a project box, mostly to play Tempest. It'll work for anything that can use an x-axis only "mouse" as a control. The buttons map as left and right mouse button.

It connects via a single USB A connector cable.

Pretty much any OS sees it as a standard mouse.

@paradroyd Oooo, I'd be really tempted if my trackball weren't fantastic for Tempest as it is. Still, I salute you for building a Tempest controller. Still one of the best games. :)

@PastaThief @paradroyd

What I really want is a BIG trackball. Did you ever see one of those bowling arcade games, with a half-scale bowling ball as a controller?

@publius @paradroyd That would be pretty amazing. :) I use a Kensington Expert Mouse, and it's nowhere near THAT large, but I will say that it's very satisfying for trackball and paddle based games. It's big enough that it can get some good momentum behind it if you flick it.

@PastaThief @paradroyd

What I really want a BIG trackball for is precision.

I'm currently using a Kensington Orbit. Left-handed, as always, so I have my right to work the number pad on the keyboard, and wondering if any 3D printing enthusiast has yet published a pattern for a left-handed Microsoft trackball, the product many of us have been asking for lo these many years.

@publius @paradroyd The Orbit has a 40mm ball, and the Expert Mouse's is 55mm. So... only a little bigger, but maybe more precise for you? It's also completely ambidextrous, although I would think the Orbit would be too.

@PastaThief @publius I already have several trackballs. A good spinner was the only thing I was really missing.

This Atari CX80 is about the right size for me for most purposes.

@paradroyd I bet this would also be fantastic for Arkanoid, Asteroids, and Kaboom!.

@paradroyd so few games (comparatively) were released with spinners but they’re so important for the ones that did. So many developers and publisher have since have tried to bolt joysticks onto Tempest, for example, and it’s so bad. Maybe if it had been released that way in the beginning a spinner would seem wrong?

@paradroyd Nice! I've been meaning to graft a spinner into my AtGames arcade controller but a standalone spinner might be a better idea.

@48kRAM I started out with a similar idea.

I was going to integrate it into this Atari deck that I have, but I was reluctant to cut holes in it and possibly not be able to get great placement.

The project box is cheap, and if I wind up changing my mind later, it's easy to move it into the Atari deck later.

Plus, with it being in it's own small thing, it's a lot easier to use it with anything, anytime, without having to pull out the big Atari controller deck.

@paradroyd I was just going to sacrifice one of the buttons on my atGames and put a button hole spinner in its place. It's got some extra buttons that I don't use w/ my MiSTer or MAME, but they're not great placements, so I held off.

@48kRAM This is a button hole spinner, and I thought about that too, but I just kept putting it off because I couldn't decide where to put it or which button to sacrifice.
The project box is a good starting place, at least, and it took like 15 minutes to throw together.

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