I miss Gateway Electronics. I got a lot of great stuff there.

I think that more than half of my retro computers are from there. They just had tons of cool stuff.

Sadly, they are no more.

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@paradroyd I grew up in STL and went there a few times in my youth! I got parts to make things like an LPT DAC, a device that prevented me from getting kicked off the modem when someone picked up the phone, etc… I’m amazed they held on so long!

@iscott They would probably still be in business near Page Avenue if their landlord didn't kick them out for a higher-paying renter.

I helped them move to Chesterfield mall when that happened. I felt like I owed it to them after all of the great stuff they'd practically given me over the years, and I went to college in the early 1980s with Doug, the guy that was usually working the front counter.

The mall wasn't a great location for them, but it was all they could get on such short notice.

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