"Delete and re-draft" is amazing!

That's Especially true if you catch an error right after hitting send and seeing your own post in a slightly different format, as I often do.

The content warning thing is pretty awesome too!

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@paradroyd the fact that Twitter never implemented such user friendly features is kind of telling, honestly. They certainly make the experience here better.

@robdaemon True, but not half as telling as the stuff they've disabled over the past couple of years.

I used to be able to easily use all the retro computers with Twitter as I can now with Mastodon. Then they shut off all of the APIs.

@paradroyd oh that “lock down the APIs” move pissed me off beyond belief.

@robdaemon killing easy RSS was a big thing. I used to use the hell out of that.
You can still sort of do RSS there, but there are so many hoops to jump through that it's not worth it.

@robdaemon Twitter's API is garbage, but I can't fully blame them given how desperate people are to flood the service with spam/troll bots and such.

@HunterZ Yeah, but their motivation was strictly around money, not spam. They destroyed an entire class of third party apps and developers overnight. I find that inexcusable.

@HunterZ it’s their business to do with as they choose, but that kind of stuff is why I won’t build tooling around proprietary apps.

@robdaemon @paradroyd tweet deck offers that feature, but it's not very reliable, so I've been trained out of using it - a subconscious response which will unfortunately probably carry over to here.

@paradroyd Delete and re-draft is very nice. It saves you so much time from reconstructing your toot. I’d probably use it even more, but I don’t like that it resets all the engagements.

@paradroyd I have mixed feelings about the content warning. I don’t like how it’s implemented, and I think what people really want are categorized toots so they can subscribe to categories.

I probably find less value in content warnings than others because I have my client show everything. If somebody’s conduct bothers me, I’ll just mute or unfollow.

@ne1for23 True, but for me, it's not as much about offensive content as it is about spoilers. It's fine for that.

@ne1for23 it's current implementation, you have to use it quickly or it's probably not worth it.

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