Like anything else in digital communications, it's really just connecting a bunch of endpoints.

@vwbusguy @paradroyd OK now. If this works than surely I can rig up a client on the C64 or Amiga.

@vkc @vwbusguy I did basically the same thing on the Amiga a couple of days ago. It was even easier (and more self contained) there because I just tapped into the Raspberry Pi at the core of the PiStorm in the 2000 and ran tootstream from there. I integrates nicely into the Amiga's shell via the PiStorm tools.


I wrote a #Minitel client for mastodon... reusing the 3615 ULLA "pink" Minitel service interface...

You can test it on if you have no real Minitel connected on an analog phone line.

@cquest @paradroyd

woao... I remember coding graphics and animations for those. 😝

(Before I was on the net, I spent a lot of time coding graphics and moderating 3614 ENTROPIE)

@sebsauvage @paradroyd

Anything saved from this period of time ?

Documents, files, videotex streams, etc...

Join !

@fatuus @sebsauvage @paradroyd

Full 3 bits colors 🌈

Very few could afford a Minitel Couleur (Philips/TRT) at that time !

Very few were made... very few preserved (I only have one, that needs repair).

Most "screens" were in fact designed for grayscale display.

Emulator written by

@Sylvhem @paradroyd

I coded (quick and dirty) that a couple of years ago, not sure it still work with current versions of Mastodon...

@cquest @paradroyd
Marvelous but where did you get the contents from?
You have an archive?

@dblas @cquest If you mean the program that's driving it, it's not mine. It's Tootstream, and it is available here:

@cquest @paradroyd

If Steampunk is a form of retrofuturism where steam continued to be the dominant form of power, does that make this Minipunk?

@paradroyd now try it on a Apple one ..... and go into dept cause it's 500k :brain3:

@paradroyd God that looks so sick. I would love to be able to use that.

@paradroyd 🤩 Beware of the bad translation from German: How cool is that, please? 😂 😂 (Means: Wow, I'm impressed!)

@paradroyd DANGIT. Now I need to... *starts to prod at rabbit hole...*

@paradroyd That’s the exact monitor I use with my Apple IIc <3 it

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