Seriously, the Chrome team just landed a patch that lets sites block "View Source" _right in the middle_ of the Chrome Dev Summit.


@mhoye still kinda unchill, but this is for a chrome enterprise feature (i.e. business network admins can block users on their network from using view source to get around network blocks), i don't think this lets any website remove view source


@objelisks @mhoye I understand it, this just allows the user, or user's site administrator to block this from the user side, like in a policy file, etc.

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@paradroyd @objelisks @mhoye

Consider platforms like Windows 11 requiring remote login by the user (does ChromeOS do this? IDK). Seems like the remote party would then have some kind of management interface access on the PC.

How eager are these monopolists for enforcing in-browser IP protection schemes?

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