Doing some work on the Amiga 2000. Installing a KS3.2 chip, and in the process, repairing a crappily soldered wire on the back of the VXL RAM32 board that came off.


That's better. Wire back in place on the VXL32 RAM board, VXLRAM board connected back to the VXL30. KS3.2 in place. Time to put the drive cage and power supply back in place, and put the cover on.

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That's a promising start. Now I have to format the 20GB partition I set defined on the SCSI2SD, install Workbench 3.2, and start restoring and installing stuff.

@paradroyd that computer was well named - it really was my girlfriend for a bunch of years.
Oh. Given that I was eventually the local Amiga dealer, I guess that would make me a ... pimp?

@paradroyd wow, what a handsome board, and a very good name too 👍

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