@TheGibson Earlier today I figured out how to mitigate that stuff on a large scale without having to touch the UI...


@paradroyd @TheGibson

Perhaps sending that info somewhere else (Yes, you published it, but it probably needs to have some additional people, not on mastodon, see it, to actually stop the hemmoraging) would be a good idea, such as the CCC or FSF ... (My personal biases vs Gnu tell me to avoid sending to the Gnu folks so it can actually help, rather than be buried under tons of arguments about whether the license for the patch is compatible with someone else's belief system)


@Truck @TheGibson Feel free to repost it in whole or in part as you see fit.

I basically figured this out today for my own selfish reasons and decided to share it.

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@paradroyd @TheGibson I'm not sure _I_ would get any traction that would be needed either.

But yes let's see if the CCC can do something with it... um... now where _IS_ the ccc's mastodon presence (ccc produces several DOZEN possibilities and let's choose the right one)

ccc.de/en/contact ... um maybe I've been studying Finnish too much but that does not look like English to me. And I don't see the mastodon thing... darn it. I'm kinda migrating a nameserver at the moment and need to not go searching for this right now, um... anyway. That was my suggestion I'll look into it after the migration.

Also the creation of lists for minimal requirements.

@Truck @paradroyd

I need to establish more of a relationship with the CCC

@Truck @paradroyd @thegibson there's a decently populated (162 nicks) #ccc channel on irc.hackint.org

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