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BBSing on the Atari 800 while watching the Twitter stream on an M1-based iPad pro.

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@paradroyd Gorgeous photo. Can you hear the carrier modulation through the TV speaker like I could with my XM301?

@mike Thanks.
On this particular 800 with this particular Fujinet, no. But on many of my modem emulators you can. Even if it's only a digitized simulation.

@mike I actually have an XM301..I just no longer have a legacy phone line to run it on.

@paradroyd Gorgeous. Please run your thumbnail over the circularly etched metallic label. Mmmmm.

@paradroyd I think I also have mine, and maybe an 800XL, but no other peripherals. When I was a kid I imagined being an adult and owning a vast network of computers and devices all built around my 800XL. How would I interface with them all, I wondered as I fell asleep every night.

@paradroyd OK the internet is cool and all that, but I REALLY miss the BBSes... Meanwhile this is great!

@ChiaChatter BBSs are still very much alive. You just have to know where to look.

@ChiaChatter You don't have to be. You also don't need any special hardware or software (though it's more fun if you have retro hardware). Look here...

@paradroyd Ph my goodness!!! I'm so glad I read your toot today - I will be looking into this, thank you so much! :)

@ChiaChatter No problem.
That particular BBS can get pretty busy. If you try to connect and it says it's busy, just keep trying every so often and you will get connected.

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