@paradroyd What are you going to use the cluster for? Considering the price point isn't insane I've kicked around the idea of doing one, but I can't think of a single thing I'd need it for other than to point at and tell people how cool it is.

@Capheind This isn't a cluster. The Raspberry Pis have no relation to each other, other than being mounted in the same tower.

This is just 6 separate servers that have been running in cheap plastic cases doing essential functions here, most of them for several years. The only money I've spent recently on this is just under $19 for the tower kit.
This is all about organization cooling, and space-saving.

@Capheind @paradroyd I built a 4-node hadoop cluster with Raspberry Pi 2's awhile back to learn more about clusters and databases. I'm at the point now where I might learn something else cluster-related or repurpose the parts as individual servers, like paradroyd is doing. I wrote about it some here:


@paradroyd I built a Kubernetes cluster out of those once.. it would be much more impressive now with 8GB ones!

@robdaemon That would be interesting to fool around with. In this case, as I told someone else, there's no relation between these servers other than they share the same rack. Each has their own well-established purpose. I just wanted to get them more organized in a smaller footprint.
I also replaced a bunch of small cascading switches with a single, smarter 48 port switch.

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