BBSing on the TRS-80 Model 100 tonight, just because.

I made a cable that powers the wifi modem off of the model 100's batteries via the barcode reader port. I'm not using it to read many barcodes these days anyway.

@paradroyd which bbses do you frequent? I recently got my wifi modem working on my c64 but having a hard time find any bbses that are still up


Here are a few...

Alcatraz BBS (ATASCII)


Captain's Quarters

Cottonwood BBS

Centronian BBS

Dark Force BBS

Heatwave BBS (ANSI)

Level 29 BBS

Particles BBS (CBM)

Southern Amis BBS (ATASCII)

@paradroyd That is so cool. My junior high school had trash 80's with the bigger monitors.. those were the days!

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