One of my favorite handheld game systems of all time, the GP2X F100.

It's not just great because it's really good at emulating early systems (which it is), but because of the great, original homebrew stuff that came out for it. Many of these games are -really good!

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There were later models that had better screens, touch screens and better batteries, but the fact that this used common AA batteries means that while the battery life was somewhat limited in one context, because you can just quickly swap the batteries out, the battery life is effectively unlimited, as long as you have AAs around.

Also, with this setup, you'll never have to worry about a custom battery failing that's a PITA, or nearly impossible to replace.

@paradroyd I recently picked up the Anbernic RG351V. I like the original GB form factor, the screen is gorgeous, emulation is fast, and there's a growing number of ports for it.

@smeg Thanks..I did not know about the existence of this one. Now I'm going to have to pick one up.

Looks really interesting, especially the way they did the shoulder buttons.

@paradroyd The stock OS is a not-stellar version of EmuELEC. Custom firmware exists that is very good and mature, each with pros and cons. There's 351ELEC (built solely for RG351 models), ArkOS (great performance, requires some Retroarch familiarity), and The Retro Arena (broad device support, lots of ports).

@smeg That's kind of how the Dingoo A320 is/was. I wound up replacing the stock firmware with Dingux.

It'll probably be a few weeks before I pick one up, anyway. Lots of other irons in the fire.

@paradroyd having the logo of the holding company on the front is incredible branding

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