@paradroyd someone near me is selling a Mac Plus for $150... Is there a C compiler for it?

@panda_roux Probably, though I haven't personally used one on that machine.

@paradroyd hey maybe you could help me with a retro computing thing

growing up i had a TRS-80 CoCo 3 with a tape drive, some joysticks, an RGB monitor, two 5 1/4” floppies, the works

i’ve been trying to find this hardware but i’ve never been successful. i don’t suppose you’re willing to share any leads if you have them?

Sadly eBay and FB Marketplace have the most Coco stuff I've found. If you find a coco 3 heed my advice: Skip the floppy drives and invest instead in a CocoSDC.


@conceitedjerk @warriorstar

I usually get SD solutions for any machines I acquire, especially for any machines that I don't already have physical media sitting around for.

I don't have a "real" CoCo yet, but my MiSTer FPGA does nearly perfect CoCo2 and CoCo3 (among many other things), so there's that, at least.

@paradroyd @conceitedjerk @warriorstar very cool pictures, I'm glad I caught some of your toots so I can follow you!

Here's a toy version of the TRS-80 I have, since you guys were talking about that... I wish I had the real keyboard instead of chicklets but oh well, it's in mint condition along with its manual :)
@conceitedjerk @warriorstar @paradroyd This is very cool! I haven't toyed a lot with it yet but modernizing its interface is definitely in my future plan :) I'll keep that in my bookmarks, thanks

@conceitedjerk @jpeg @warriorstar
I have an MC-10 with the MCX-128. Cool little expansion. That's what's hanging of the back of mine here.

@paradroyd @conceitedjerk @warriorstar Very nice! I've been thinking about using a ESP32/8266 to push programs to it instead of a audio interface (Like Unsigned's Arduino APRS micromodem).

It would be cool to have some hardware/web interface listing all the available stuff to run on the coco.

Thanks for the pics!

@jpeg @conceitedjerk @warriorstar No problem.
You're pretty much describing something like Fujinet, for the Atari 8 bits.


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