@codewiz That's not as simple of a question as it might seem.
It really depends what kinds of smart home hubs (if any) you have.
The bulb I use down by my basement retro computers is this...

Which works great if you have an Amazon Echo Plus..it's (so far) my best bang for the buck for smart bulbs that are voice controlled...


I also have a couple of these...

I control these with a Vera Plus Z-wave hub, which the Amazon Echo can in turn control. They are technically more versatile, but they're also more expensive and more complicated to set up...

Then WAY at the other end of the spectrum, we have these...


I have several bulbs like this that I bought very early on. They aren't as "smart" and don't work directly with a controller hub (but also don't require one). They use a simple infrared remote. The bulb itself is about the same cost as the first bulb, but since it doesn't require a hub at all, they're cheaper to get started with. The quality of the light isn't as good though.

@codewiz All other things being equal, if you have or can afford a compatible hub (an Echo Plus or a Google Home hub, etc), I'd go with the first one I posted in this thread.

FWIW, I was able to make the infrared bulbs (the last option) controllable with the VeraPlus hub by using ESP8266 microcontrollers as web-to-IR relays, but that is not a simple thing to do if you've not done any 8266 programming.

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