@zwangseinweisung @paradroyd Bootsektorviren auf virtuellen Floppy Images. Muss man aufpassen :-)

@paradroyd I remember pre-internet BBS days with the fond glow of nostalgia. Present day attempts to enjoy still running systems via command line have been less than satisfying. I miss the bing bong of the modem negotiating I guess.

@paradroyd on of the greatest mysteries of my life is what happened to the Amiga 2000 I had at one point. It was given to me during the point where they were just common enough and just obsolete enough to be nearly worthless.

I have utterly no idea where it went.

@mike I can't imagine a set of circumstances that would make me lose mine. Its been with me since around 1989, through many moves and changing circumstances.

Even when I started using Windows and FreeBSD Unix PCs in the late/mid 90s, it was always set up among them (usually interconnected with them), and usually pretty actively used.
I've had to fix a few things on it over the years. The clock battery leaked and had to be replaced, and once a weird little green fuse on the 5V joyport line blew

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