BBSing with the TI99/4A tonight.

This was my first computer. It's been with me since I picked it up on closeout at K-Mart for $25. I got it new, the box, sometime in early 1984.

There aren't many other things I've ever owned that I've gotten this much mileage out of for near that price.

It's been augmented quite a bit in recent years.

It has an upgraded F18A video processor, which among other things, gives it VGA out and the ability to do perfect 80 column ANSI.

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@paradroyd Cool, I bought mine for $40 at a thrift shop a few years ago. Really should do something with it.

@sparcipx Is it one of the black and silver ones, or one of the later tan ones like mine?

@paradroyd Black and silver, although the silver cover is coming off and is bent in a spot.

@sparcipx The reason I asked is that -some- of the tan colored ones that look like mine have a version 2.2 ROM (mine doesn't) which is limited via DRM as to what it can run.

You can tell if your TI is one of these "crippled" TI99 variants if the startup screen has a "V2.2" somewhere in the logo.

AFAIK, almost none of the black and aluminum models are V2.2.

@paradroyd Hmmm, I'll have to hook it up. I think I used it once to see if it worked (and to play Parsec).

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