@paradroyd I played this A LOT back in the day. And the ST version wasn't bad at all.

@tsturm I also played it a lot BITD in the late 80s in my first apartment, though back then, it was on my Amiga 500. It plays pretty similarly on the ST.

@tsturm I have to say, the image on this SC1224 monitor (it's the JVC version of the 1224) is one of the best looking I've seen on any of the CRTs I own..especially for a standard-issue retro monitor.

@paradroyd Atari was using good OEMs for their monitors early on when they were still trying to get into the professional market.

@paradroyd Funnily enough while I was using a range of Atari machines, the color monitor was one of those ubiquitous Commodore 1084 RGB monitors with the giant SCART socket in the back. That was a good monitor, too. And you saw them EVERYWHERE - the manufacturer (Lucky Goldstar, I believe) sold them un-badged under a variety of names for years.

@tsturm I still have one of those on my Amiga 2000 right now (though without SCART).

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