Mastodon running (somewhat indirectly) on my TRS-80 model 4 via Tootstream.

Taking it a step further:
Playing "The Dreadnaught Factor" on my Intellivision (Sears branded} while the Mastodon federated timeline streams by on my TRS-80 model 4.
..and for a moment, all is right with the universe.

Ha, i had my first developer job at the end of the 80's on such a device.
Developed a Database application for pigeon races on Dbase.

Long. long time ago when i was joung and good loocking 😂

@UffTaTa I found this one in a shop here for $35. It was fully working. I added a M3SE to it, which gave it Ethernet with a full tcp/ip stack, a hard drive emulator, a VGA port and a joystick port. It's quite usable for BBSing and other random things now.

I like what you do.
In the 80's, when i used such Computers, ethernet was something like SciFi. We exchanged data with a 50m serial cable. And then tried to convert the data to something usefull.

I remember the work converting data from a 70s graphical computer (with Mikroscop, TV-Kamera and lightpen-monitor to MSDOS-defaults.

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