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@cosullivan I never put much trust in burner settings being consistent from stove to stove, much less country to country.

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Glacier National Park Quietly Removes Its "Gone By 2020" Signs

.... The National Park Service prominently featured brochures, signs and films which boldly proclaimed that all glaciers at GNP were RAPIDLY MELTING AWAY....& would be GONE BY 2020....

In point of fact, the Jackson Glacier may have GROWN by 25% or more over the past decade.

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Positive folk of Mastodon, I want to share a tradition of mine with you.

Each week, we my wife and I write a note with good things that happened throughout the week. We then add these notes to a year.

On #NewYearsEve, we empty the jar and read about the amazing year we had. It's obviously great to finish/start a year this way, but it's also nice as it "forces" us to contemplate the last week and appreciate the good things that happened, even when things were stressful or felt very mundane.

@tomasino Is the beard new? Happy New Year to you and your family.

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Whenever people join the Fediverse and they don't speak English – say Spanish, for example! 😃 – I'm sad that there is no directory of users speaking the same language to follow.
Sadly, Trunk has a focus on English speaking people. :blobsad:
If you feel like maintaining such a site, let me know. After all, you could start small and simple curate a list of accounts on a wiki!
You could start here:
No technical knowledge required.

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I was reading an article about 10 facts about mastodon.

I was well into the article before I realised it was an article about Mastodons, the elephant things, not the social media platform.

Still interesting.

@gemlog Actually, not many in Japan realize the real holiday is the 25th. Christmas is over and done on the 24th.

@gemlog Few know about the twelve days of Christmas here. But KFC does huge business on Christmas Eve. A real marketing coup.

@gemlog KFC is for Christmas. Most people go traditional Japanese for New Year's.

Bored? American? Try my fun thought experiment 

@cosullivan It might make a difference whether the Presidents are resurrected at their prime of life or at the age when they served, but I pick Old Hickory Andrew Jackson over Teddy Bully Roosevelt in the final.

@gemlog ... It feels a lot like Christmas, with everyone if work and family dropping in for big meals. Christmas in Japan is always a little strange because it's usually just a normal working day for most people.

@gemlog Thank you! Best wishes to you and your family, too.

The bishops is Japan are very lenient, but Mother of God, may be one of the few technically obligatory feasts.

Unfortunately, I woke up with a cold and decided to stay home, though most of the rest of the family made it.

Interestingly, we usually spend New Year Day with my in-laws, but this was the first time I've spent it are home since coming to Japan. ...

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Veteran attends Yale at 52, shares his story as “My Semester with the Snowflakes”

@kelbesque Also many programmers in the 1960s who never dreamed anyone would be using their hacks thirty years down the line.

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This is a friendly reminder that when two people on the fediverse have a disagreement, you don't *have* to express your opinion about it in their mentions, use the opportunity to make a loosely-related political point, or join a spiralling public drama about it.

It can be hard to break the habits we formed on platforms where techbros have monetised our negative emotions, divisions, and innate desire to belong. But your activist energy can be better directed, and your mental health will benefit.

@kelbesque There are a few still around who remember a time when memory was so expensive that saving two bytes on every date stored made the difference in being able to run a program or not.

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