Without saying vi/m or emacs or remind, what is a good calendar for the shell?
I used to use one that had the convention of working out the birthday or anniversary if you put the year in curly braces {1984} - does anyone remember what this might have been? And I'd like it to email the local account as well with reminders.
'Remind' does most of what I want, but no export to e.g. ical or the curly brace thing (I think). It does email though.

@papa Sorry papa - I was cooking and trying to watch com and listen to the show and masto - cooking won! :-) Of course.
I should have said i know of cal, ncal, remind and calendar.
I'll just keep bumbling around.
It's been well over a year or two now since I told every on not to use my gmail address. I have some cal reminders in goog still. Tbird has them too, but I'd rather get them in something lower level is all.


@gemlog You chose the better part. Hope you find (or program) what you want.

@papa Actually, I did write something in pykde years ago that did exactly what I'm looking for now! Forgot. I'm sure the pykde part has bad bitrot by now, but there are probably other bits... It was a really long time ago and part of a larger project. What would I have called it... hmmm...

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