Adam Savage's recommendations:
1. Neuromancer trilogy (didn't realize it was a trilogy)
2. Snow Crash
3. Dune
4. 1Q84
5. Girl in Landscape
6. Re: Colonised Planet 5, Shikasta
7. The Left Hand of Darkness
8. Remembrance of Earth's Past trilogy

I've only read two of them.

Three for me, providing you count number 1 as three books.

@papa I loved Snow Crash. Dune has been on my list for years. I wanted to love Neuromancer, but could not get past the first few chapters. Maybe I waited too long in my life to read it. The rest are now on my list.

@makuharigaijin Neuromancer (just the first book) and Dune are the two I've read, too. But I enjoyed Neuromancer (read it twice). Snow Crash and Left Hand have been in my reading queue, but some of the new-to-me titles (Shikasta) on his list sound very interesting.

@papa I only watched a few seconds. Just long enough to find out who adam savage is :-) Myth busters guy. The less neurotic one.

I too have only read 2 of those books, but I take Adam Savage's Reality and substitute my own.

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