Jesus vs. Confucius vs. Zoroaster 

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"[A]n individual's location on the wealth spectrum correlates to some extent with [cleverness and industriousness], but the overall shape of that spectrum can be explained to better than 0.33 percent by a statistical model that completely ignores them. Luck plays a much more important role than it is usually accorded, so that the virtue commonly attributed to wealth in modern society—and, likewise, the stigma attributed to poverty—is completely unjustified."

Glad to hear someone got one and likes it. I had been thinking about one of these for myself but didn't want to go out on a limb.

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A ton of great praxis can come from just taking a step back and realizing the economy is fake. Everyone has stuff they don't need, and often the people who need that stuff are right next door. And there's always work to be done and people who need work to do. Those things just don't ever connect because they don't have enough green paper to give each other

Timebanking, bartering, community-controlled currency, sharing spaces, or even something as simple as encouraging neighbors to *talk* to each other about what they need and what they can offer, can all dramatically change the quality of life in poor communities - not just after a crash, but at any time

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Alright, I tried this on Twitter and it failed, so let's see if it works here.

I'm looking for a #mentor to help me with EliteSec, specifically around marketing and lead gen. This is my first startup, but I'm not new to the culture, just running it. It's an #infosec consultancy but I'll admit that I've been a corporate shill for 20+ years now and I don't want that anymore.

Please boost for exposure.

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some malaphors I think about:

-we'll burn that bridge when we get to it
-if you can't stand the bull, get out of the china shop
-where there's smoke, there's mirrors
-fool me once, shame on you; teach a man to fool me, and I'll be fooled for the rest of my life
-come back to haunt you in the ass
-lets not beat around the dead horse
-beauty is in the eye of the tiger
-burning daylight at both ends
-apples to apples, dust to dust
-a stone in the hand is worth two birds in the bush

Sent you a toot linking another thread on split keyboards. Let me know if you don't get the details.

@design_RG @freemo

@M0YNG Saw your post requesting info on split keyboards.

Check the upstream on this toot.

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The Voices of the World

Appetite says, “Be sensuous, enjoy yourself.”

Education says, “Be resourceful, expand yourself.”

Materialism says, “Be satisfied, please yourself.”

Psychology says, “Be confident, fulfill yourself.”

Pride says, “Be superior, promote yourself.”

Humanism says, “Be capable believe in yourself.”

God says, “Be wise, humble yourself.”

#wisdom #humility

Looks like good bread. We love ourselves some cast iron cooking.

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Yup, no special glasses needed. Starting today we have a 2-to-1 Matching Grant so your donations will be tripled. $5 gift becomes $15 for! If you enjoy our books, music, radio, web, games...please chip in & Triple Your Impact!


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No. It is the best choice IMO.

Presuming you can live on the lower amount of money, that is.

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Fat cowboys with big trucks, gun racks, horse haulers and 3000 sqft houses surrounded by barbed wire fences don't understand #ecology.

They call themselves "ranchers" or "farmers", but they are delusional.

Our lands were made for Bison, not cattle.

"He found out by fencing off small patches of land along the bison migration route. By comparing the plants within and beyond the fences, the team learned that bison graze so intensely that they freeze plants in early spring for weeks at a time, preventing them from maturing and forcing them to continuously produce young shoots. Other North American mammals like mule deer can’t do this, because they travel in small-enough groups that plants can still outgrow the effects of their grazing. Bison, however, gather in the thousands. By moving in synchrony, they don’t have to surf the green wave. Uniquely, they can also create it.

Their actions change the landscape. In areas where bison graze, plants contain 50 to 90 percent more nutrients by the end of the summer. This not only provides extra nourishment for other grazers, but prolongs the growing season of the plants themselves. And by trimming back the plant cover in one year, bison allow more sunlight to fall on the next year’s greenery, accelerating its growth. When Geremia’s team looked at parts of Yellowstone where bison numbers have fluctuated, it found that the green wave grew in intensity and crested over a longer period as the herds grew larger. The bison engineer and intensify the spring. And astonishingly, they had a stronger influence on the timing of plant growth than weather and other environmental variables. They’re equivalent to a force of nature."

Sadly, it seems people are people everywhere. 🙁

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