Haven't posted much in the past month (other than boosts) because of house repairs, a new job, and getting ready for the wife's labor. So many things! So I'm gonna try and get in the habit of posting again.

Anyway, the project is waiting for another update. I have had this little guy sitting on my workbench for a few weeks now and I am excited to finally get it hooked up. Hopefully this weekend, finally.

project update: I've been tinkering around with my PXFMini flight controller now for some time trying to get it to work and I'm finally giving up. I think the company that makes them either has a very niche setup of their hardware or they have a high tolerance for pain.

It's a shame too: turning a Pi zero into a flight controller just oozes with possibilities.

Ordered a mini PIX to replace it today.

project update: the ESCs didn't configure, and I found the flight controller was busted. I'm trying to sort out the FC.

project update: Soldering should be done and the bottom of the frame is assembled but not yet secured, just in case I have to go back and adjust something.

Hopefully tomorrow I'll have time to go through the ESC calibration. If that works then I'm on home stretch to getting this completed.

Props still need (more filament is on the way), and there's a lot of configuration left to do. But I think this should be the easy part.

project update: motors and ESCs soldered together finally. I did a quick battery connection test and the ESCs dropped into calibration mode, so I don't know if the connections are good.

They certainly don't look good. My soldering skills need work.

project update: motors installed into chassis. One of the motor arms was misprinted (it's all ) so I took a dremel and shaved it down to fit properly.

I'm ready to solder the motors and ESCs together but quickly found out I need two extra hands, so I'm either going to rig up some clamps or buy another gadget.

The picture shows the underside of the chassis body.

project update: Spent some time this weekend making a cable to connect the Taranis transmitter to an HC-05 Bluetooth adapter. Hopefully I should be able to get telemetry from the transmitter back to a software GCS.

Soldering of motors still to come.

project update: I'm stalled. I bought motors and ESCs and you have to solder them together or put connectors on them.

The chassis I have been is space limited. If I solder the motors & ESCs together I can't replace a broken quadcopter arm without desoldering. So connectors would be better, but the ESCs have some kind of square tab that I have to figure out how to attach a connector to.

Plus I have never soldered before. That's probably the real reason for the stall.

/ enthusiasts:
I'm looking for a XT60-ended cable that splits four ways (to connect the battery to the ESCs). Can't seem to find one. Anyone know of one?

Follow-up questions: if there is no such cable, would I run into a problem wiring up my own? Or is there another solution that I should be looking at?

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project update

Got an HC-05 to send the telemetry data from my Taranis X9R to my laptop's GCS, but I have no cable to connect the HC-05 to the X9R. 😕

Guess I'll have to make one.

project update:

Okay so I completely changed the settings to slic3r and the print completed this time. It's noticeably lower quality but still fits with the other parts and isn't responsible for a lot of structural integrity. I wish I could figure out what the exact problem was but I don't have that much filament to spare.

project update (and question):

I'm trying to a part of my drone chassis and I get a blob of filament at a predictable spot and layer of printing every time (see photo). I'm not sure how to fix it. Any gurus out there who can lend a thought?

#drone project 

So in my limited spare time I've decided to custom-build a . I'm using a PXFMini shield on a Pi0 for a flight controller and will be the frame. Here's what I've got so far.

Electronic parts are still coming in - I'm only buying a few things at a time every couple weeks, because I don't want to order stuff I won't use right away.

I'm hoping it will be ready to fly by early summer.

Glad more parts finally arrived in the mail today.

Guess I know what I'll be doing this weekend. 😊

Spent a fair amount of the evening trying to get an RC receiver installed and working in a I'm trying to build, only to find out it wasn't powered properly.

There is a serious learning curve to this hobby.

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