Here's an interesting preprint. Someone developed a nasal spray that protects against COVID. Pretty clever idea IMO.

Hope it pans out for humans.

Intranasal fusion inhibitory lipopeptide prevents direct contact SARS-CoV-2 transmission in ferrets

Stressed caregiver? Not sure where your rent money is and need to unwind? Got you covered.

Soothing, Uplifting Resources for Parents & Caregivers Stressed by the COVID-19 Crisis

"Full Moon", by Avi Kaplan

Slow and rich, layered. To help disengage. Use headphones.

You're welcome.

Hell yes. If there was a production run of this I would seriously consider buying it.

Scientist Creates a Working Rotary Cellphone

Here's a thoughtful interview.

It's enlightening to read about what one guy is doing to deradicalize people. Perhaps not surprising: he has to meet people where they are and show compassion to people who seem like they don't deserve it.

This mirrors my view that we cannot eliminate this ideology solely through demonization or isolation.

A Reformed White Nationalist Says the Worst Is Yet to Come

I've received mail at my business for previous tenants who've closed their doors and moved on, but this one is probably the weirdest.

Apparently pregnancy is pretty close to the ultimate limit of human endurance. Doesn't surprise me.

Ultimate limit of human endurance found

There are multiple lawnmowers humming in different parts of the condo complex, and every time they do this I can only think of these guys:

I make herbal tinctures as part of my business, and over the past couple months I had a liniment that had been soaking and was ready for storage. So I went to the local homebrewing shop to pick up a carboy and some other things. Got to talking with the owner about how we get invested in our respected crafts.

He proudly mentioned that he had a grape press for making wine. "That's cute", I thought to myself. I didn't tell him what I was using for a tincture press:

Haven't posted much in the past month (other than boosts) because of house repairs, a new job, and getting ready for the wife's labor. So many things! So I'm gonna try and get in the habit of posting again.

Anyway, the project is waiting for another update. I have had this little guy sitting on my workbench for a few weeks now and I am excited to finally get it hooked up. Hopefully this weekend, finally.

project update: Soldering should be done and the bottom of the frame is assembled but not yet secured, just in case I have to go back and adjust something.

Hopefully tomorrow I'll have time to go through the ESC calibration. If that works then I'm on home stretch to getting this completed.

Props still need (more filament is on the way), and there's a lot of configuration left to do. But I think this should be the easy part.

project update: motors installed into chassis. One of the motor arms was misprinted (it's all ) so I took a dremel and shaved it down to fit properly.

I'm ready to solder the motors and ESCs together but quickly found out I need two extra hands, so I'm either going to rig up some clamps or buy another gadget.

The picture shows the underside of the chassis body.

Went to shoot pool with a friend tonight. I was playing solids in this one.

Apparently my applied geometry needs work.

Mme Sherri's Natural Forest, in Chesterfield NH. Wife and I went there this past weekend.

It's a relatively small place, but very beautiful and contains the stone remnants of a socialite's home from the 1920s & 30s. It's affectionately known as the ruins of a "castle", but I wouldn't go that far.

project update:

Okay so I completely changed the settings to slic3r and the print completed this time. It's noticeably lower quality but still fits with the other parts and isn't responsible for a lot of structural integrity. I wish I could figure out what the exact problem was but I don't have that much filament to spare.

project update (and question):

I'm trying to a part of my drone chassis and I get a blob of filament at a predictable spot and layer of printing every time (see photo). I'm not sure how to fix it. Any gurus out there who can lend a thought?

#drone project 

So in my limited spare time I've decided to custom-build a . I'm using a PXFMini shield on a Pi0 for a flight controller and will be the frame. Here's what I've got so far.

Electronic parts are still coming in - I'm only buying a few things at a time every couple weeks, because I don't want to order stuff I won't use right away.

I'm hoping it will be ready to fly by early summer.

Alright, expo finished. Time for game night.

Yes, you're looking at the image correctly. Oregon Trail was made into a ****ing card game.

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