I think my front tire on the Mercier Kilo WT is kaput. Tire blew out again. Had to walk the bike into work about a mile, and after 10 hours of work, walk 7 miles back home.

Since all I had was to wear was cycling kit and work clothes, I walked home in scrubs and crocs. Not much fun.

People always look at me wierd when I wear scrubs in public. Had a co-worker attacked (sprayed with lysol) at a gas station for wearing scrubs in public.

@cmauch I can't for the life of me think of a reason to be looked at weird for wearing scrubs in public.

@paladin1 PPL assume you have been in contact with folks infected with something. COVID, MRSA, etc.

Pre-covid I would avoid wearing scrubs as I've had people walk up to me at in the grocery store and demand a free diagnosis for something gross.

Now I when I'm out and about I notice people just tend to distance themselves. Not a horrible thing, but it bothers me after a while. You feel shunned.


@cmauch Okay yeah, that makes some sense. I don't think the random diagnoses thing would put me off, but I could absolutely get the shunning aspect during COVID times.

@paladin1 Gross is when random folks proudly show off their humongous cyst or oozing infection. But it hasn't been a thing for a while now. Lately I've been doing my grocery shopping online.

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