So my house was built in the '90s (northeast US). Today we found out that at every corner of each room there is something magnetic behind the walls. The magnetism is independent of height along the wall, and only in the corners. Anyone know about something metal being put along the studs or in the walls in turn-of-century homes?

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@paladin1 I've heard of metals becoming magnetized in a building. They used to run grounding down the sides of buildings sometime.

Or, check your place's blueprints, maybe under a black light or full moon: look for esoteric sigils or the like, to determine if your unit is the gate. 🤔

Perhaps. Don't know why they'd have to put grounding down every single corner, but my handyman & construction skills are just above zero.

@paladin1 I once owned a `68 Mustang. When I took it to a mechanic for a tuneup, they pulled half the components out from under the hood, as they weren't attached to anything. I stopped presuming craftsmanship after that. :grimacing:

@paladin1 could be a bracket for joining the walls together. They might put them every few feet down the corners or anywhere where two peices if wood butt up inside the wall. Things like this:

Would brackets make sense if they run the entire height of the wall? We can get a magnet to stick at any height, so if it was brackets there would have to be no gaps between them.

@paladin1 If its sheet rock/drywall then maybe metal inside corner protectors. They come in metal or PVC.

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