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thank god youtube-dl is back on github, the only website where it is possible to host a git repository

@neauoire I've spent some time thinking throw how an "ouroboros markup" could work where if you pipe the output to the markup function you'd get the same markup. The obvious example is @usernames and . If The Go Doc formatting function kept the indentation of code blocks intact, you could just copy the output markup, put it through the function again and get the same markup.

the only correct answer to every viral math problem is that precedence rules were a mistake

the virgin CSS preprocessor versus the chad cat<<EOF>styles.css script

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"It is our very creativity, our extraordinary ability as a species to organize ourselves to solve problems collectively, that leads us into a trap from which there is no escaping. Complexity is 'insidious,' in Tainter’s words. 'It grows by small steps, each of which seems reasonable at the time.' And then the world starts to fall apart, and you wonder how you got there."

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The argument “lol u can’t outlaw math” in favor of encryption isn’t convincing. That’s like saying building bombs should be legal because it’s just chemistry.

The points are:
1. Strong encryption is necessary for the modern world
2. Backdoors & golden keys will always fail

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How do people using screenreaders experience ASCII art? There are no title or aria attrs in the terminal.

@royniang btw this may be useful to you: 4 line script to align columns with spaces

:; cat bin/es
sed -E "s/([^[:blank:]]+)[[:space:]]{2,}/\1${char}/g" |
column -s"${char}" -t

it leaves single spaces alone and assumes >1 are for alignment

the way i use it is
*makes alignment-breaking change*

the optimal number of heading levels is 1

@neauoire @0xbiel friend who worked as a guide on Antartica tours said it was mandatory (at least for Argentine Antartica) but now is just mandatory for military personnel

cd $HOME/bin/submodules
git submodule add $thingyrepo
cd $thingy
cd ../..
ln -s submodules/$thingy/$thingy

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btw i do know where youtube-dl is hosted now, i'm just curious about the script

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does anyone have that youtube download script that was making the rounds after youtube-dl got DMCA'd? i remember it was only a screenful of lines

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If programming has a signature occupational disease, it's not carpal tunnel or social awkwardness. It's our uncritical belief that building complex systems automatically entitles us to also understand them.

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