I applied for a job at Canonical.
They rejected me in hours.
Heart broken.
Switching to Fedora

@pabs oh no, lo siento! ¿con lo de Fedora te refieres que aplicarás ahí, o que cambiarás SO?

@sejo pues no había considerado puesto que no suelen publicar vacantes de diseñador en RedHat. Era solo una broma, seguiré usando Ubuntu :)

@pabs in my experience, Canonical and Red Hat are just regular companies. At some point in my career I thought I would love to work for them, but I realised later on that I didn't, really.

The good news is that there are lots of companies that will let you do OSS and enjoy a better life, do don't despair!

@reidrac thanks for advices. In my case I'm just looking for a better job and Canonical seemed a "nice company" to me

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