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I'm Ege. An #activist in Don Quixote #Bicycle Collective living in #istanbul. Interested in #digitalfreedom, #linux, #freesoftware, #mediafreedom, #anarchism...

I was looking around for free (as in freedom) social networks and I'm happy to see #mastodon 😃

Now planning to make the (probably) first #Turkish mastodon :-)

with the reflections of the sdf user hisacro, i have arrived at the conclusion that ferahfeza chronicles should start to lay a foundation on turkish classical music theory.

in this regard, i will be reading one of the most valuable books on the subject: "makam: modal practice in turkish art music" by karl l. signell. you should definitely attend to this episode of ferahfeza chronicles. please boost this toot!

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today is ferahfeza chronicles day! 1600 utc @

have you ever heard of artists necdet yaşar and niyazi sayın? they're one of the best duos in turkish classical music performance world. we will listen their finest records in this episode.

we will talk more about the gracious instrument tambur's properties.

i've been practising tambur for the last hour. i'm feeling good today. so let's make this episode a fruitful one with your attendance!

today was absolutely sublime. i am filled with love and happiness.

those photographs are taken by my dear friend mehmet soybelli. i thank him so much.

Libreboot laptop prices reduced on - E.g. X200 was £298, now £228.

I have a large stock surplus, and things are returning to pre-pandemic normal in the UK. It is viable for me to operate at reduced prices, like in 2017/2018.

Also: I'm on course to getting a new Libreboot release out, ETA early to mid October. My purpose is to polish the current 20210522 release (released on 22 May 2021).

I plan another release in November/December. Coreboot 4.15 comes out in ~November.

aNONradio is celebrating 25 years for the next 25 hours starting at 0000 UTC (in 10 minutes!) with the Stokesauce Show

You are still the DJ.

Choose buying undocumented hardware to figure out everything by yourself.
Choose submitting the same patch the 9th time for review by the maintainer with one more newline, tab or space to comply with the project coding style.
Choose rumbling, ranting, flaming, and bikeshielding in blogs, social media, mailing lists, Reddit and Hacker News comments.
Choose wondering what the fuck you are doing, alone on a Sunday night git bisecting in the desperate hope that the next commit will pinpoint the bug you've spent 5 weeks trying to diagnose.

Choose rotting away at the end of it all, pishing you last in a miserable ~/
Nothing more than an embarrassment to the selfish, fucked-up companies that are replacing your computer with a blackbox.

Choose your future.
Choose Free and Open Source.


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Choose no life.
Choose Free and Open Source.
Choose no career.
Choose no family.

Choose a distro.
Choose a $EDITOR,
Choose a desktop.
Choose man page, ArchWiki,
Tim O'Reilly and a full bookshelf.

Choose a 10-year fucking old computer.
Choose multiple monitors, mechanical keyboards, outdated graphics and network without nonfree blobs.
Choose learn programming, a language, and your programming socks.
Choose no sleep, junk food, and bad health.

Choose a private key.
Choose deleting proprietary apps and losing all your friends.
Choose self-hosting, a monthly server payment, and waiting a compile for half a day straight.
Choose a EEPROM writer and a soldering station to liberate your system BIOS.


A glimpse of what aNONradio looked like in the mid 1990s. Join us today on as our community celebrates 25 years of service.

aNONradio is where YOU are the DJ

You are the DJ

login / mount: openmic
password: G6b3mWry2Vorg

format: CBR MP3 / 192kbps / 44.1kHz / icecast2

Fun with my this morning! He came for the long , excited to explore the trails. My dad rode a blue 5-speed 1969 while I rode the folding green 3-speed 1981 . We took the CCT to , saw the Back to the Future on the National Mall, and continued to Gravelly Point via the Mt. Vernon Trail and the Memorial Bridge. We then returned north to the Cemetery stop to take the subway back to .

maybe a bulletin board, again in university's mathematics department buildings.

people post proofs they write in the board, others post commentaries, correct mistakes, point out different proofs to the same proposition, etc. actually, the interaction seems endless to me.

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a proof box. like a mail box in shape, but you put proofs you write. you typeset it in tex, print it, properly fold it and put in there.

people will put their proofs collectively, read others'.

the proof box will be set up in an appropriate place in the university's mathematics department buildings.

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i have nice ideas jumping in my head, i'll be posting soon.

A big fun day starting at 00:00 UTC on Tuesday the 7th of September 2021 on (The 25th Anniversary Special Edition)

Stokesauce will begin the celebration of 25 years of Internet streaming.

Stokesauce will propose a toast at exactly 00:19 UTC on Tuesday so be sure to bring a of some sort or another

The online festivities celebration will continue for over 24 hours

There will be 8 hours of OpenMic opportunity. @SDF

today at 1930 utc, tune in and listen to dubious goals committee!

"A Green Ink Mystery will be the subject..." as tob said in the bulletin board of sdf.

I could use developers, reviewers, writers, and moderators, eventually.

In addition to people submitting CC licensed work, of course.

I'm going to start with a bare bones site and build up.

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