I already single tested 200 OpenBSD packages.

This is time consuming but I've been able to report some issues so it's not wasted time. Working hard to make a good 7.0 release!

i will be continuing to practice tambur, at home or at school. and i have nice collaboration and guest ideas for ferahfeza chronicles, hopefully i will convince some friends and colleagues, fingers crossed!

i want to introduce sdf and anonradio to my university, and to my friends at school. i have plans to put some posters etc.

i have printed wolfpack empire's user guide today, made a booklet. i'm determined to learn and play this game, there is no other way!

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my university is opening up next month, that means there is ~2 weeks left. and i've solved my residence problem.

i've been dealing with my soul for the past ~1.5 years, i'm mostly settled down now. i have the excitement, enthusiasm and energy to ace the next semester, absorb a hell of a lot of information, and overall do my best.

i have a radio show called ferahfeza chronicles at sdf/anonradio at wednesdays 1600 utc. i'll be continuing to do the show, sometimes from the university's campus!

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Decision theory homework said "formal solution" so I'm taking that as an alibi to open Coq again. UwU

Flea market find, $9 - the seller used the machine as a stand for some Core-based laptop and was quite surprised, that I want this and not the modern one 😀

Job opportunities:

We're hiring for a mess of roles at my employer, ranging from dev roles, QA, data engineers, and more. Hiring across the globe, too. Give me a yell if you're interested in a referral!

this was the day that tob played muharrem ertaş in dgc. absolutely unbelievable.

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sonunda yeni bilgisayarımda OpenBSD'yi stabilize ettim. debian mükemmel çalışıyor ama ben ille OpenBSD kullanacağım ya. ikisini de üçer kere kurup kaldırdım :-) öğrendiklerim: yeni browser'ların bir gpu takıntısı var. firefox bazı sayfaları gpu olmadan açmıyor. chrome ise ayarlarda gpu kullanma dediğim halde hâlâ bazen mouse pointer'ı donduruyor. sorun diil reboot ediyorum. OpenBSD'ye âşığım sanırım :-)

ferahfeza chronicles in ~30 minutes. we will be interested in the form "gazel". records of legendary improvisators, from ~100 years ago. you'll hopefully also hear from me. tune in anonradio.net !

o_o i got a wifi firmware to load. hopefully sending commands to this thing isn't too hard.

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