today is ferahfeza chronicles day! 1600 utc @

have you ever heard of artists necdet yaşar and niyazi sayın? they're one of the best duos in turkish classical music performance world. we will listen their finest records in this episode.

we will talk more about the gracious instrument tambur's properties.

i've been practising tambur for the last hour. i'm feeling good today. so let's make this episode a fruitful one with your attendance!

today was absolutely sublime. i am filled with love and happiness.

those photographs are taken by my dear friend mehmet soybelli. i thank him so much.

played some tambur to my grandfather today. i'm happy he enjoyed it :)

orient ort-6001-sp stereo speaker
power supply: ac 200v 50hz
frequency response: 100hz - 15khz
output: 30w * 2
size: 360 /illegible/ * 95mm

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